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Review: Monteiro’s ‘Another Part of Me’ – “original, windswept, and masterful”

The Wisconsin Bookwatch: September 2017 included a review of Marcus Monteiro’s ‘Another Part of Me’ in the Music CD Shelf section:

“Alto saxophonist Marcus Monteiro, along with John Harrison III on piano, Fernando Huergo on bass, and Steve Langone on drums present Another Part of Me, a jazz album that draws upon both classic and contemporary musical stylings. Original, windswept, and masterful, Another Part of Me is a treasure for jazz connoisseurs. The tracks are “Sister Sadie” (6:03), “Adagio” (7:28), “For Once in My Life” (5:25), “The Monteiro Backhand Var. 1” (4:14), “Easier Said Than Done” (6:25), “Wait Till You See Her” (5:58), “Another Part of Me” (4:13), “Slammin’ Around” (5:12), “Receipt Please” (3:25), “Fell On Black Days” (4:35), “Mill Street” (7:51), “Sagg Shootin’ His Arrow” (5:11).”

See the original review here.

Another Part of Me
Marcus Monteiro
Whaling City Sound
c/o Naxos (dist.)
$18.61 CD / $8.99 MP3

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“This one’s a keeper,” Jazz Weekly Reviews Plucky Strum’s Departure

The duo of guitarist Sheryl  Bailey and bassist Harvie S creates some clever and melodic moments on this intimate collection of tunes. The selection of songs, as the delivery, is imaginative, ranging from rich bass work on a spacey read of Joni Mitchell’s “The Hissing of Summer Lawns” and a clever read of Crosby Stills and Nash’s “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” to hip boppers like “Cranshaw” and mellow “Now I Know.” Bailey goes acoustic and electric, with a clear tone on the peppy “Sublime” and relaxed and patient on electric during “Good Ole Days.” This one’s a keeper.”

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O’s Place Praises Terry Gibbs in Latest Review

“Terry Gibbs   –   92 Years Young: Jammin’ At The Gibb’s House   4/3

O’s Notes: We have much respect for a 93-year-old musician who can still cut it! In the case of vibraphonist Terry Gibbs, we have much love and admiration for a man who remains in rare form performing with a swinging quartet coaxed by his son, drummer Gerry Gibbs, pianist John Campbell and Mike Gurrola on bass. Yes, Gerry suggested the jam session in dad’s living room and we are now blessed with a wonderful recording of fourteen classics. There’s no showboating, but a heckofa lot of good music that will satisfy a large audience in almost any setting! Hats off to Terry!”
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O’s Place Reviews Gerry Gibbs’ ‘Weather or Not’

“Gerry Gibbs   –   Weather Or Not        4/3

O’s Notes: We truly enjoyed Gibb’s last effort Thrasher Dream Trio. He changes direction for his latest effort Weather or Not, a dedication to the jazz-fusion movement from Weather Report. Pianist Alex Collins, bassist Hans Glawischnig and drummer Gerry Gibbs form an acoustic trio (aside from touch of organ and Rhodes). The package includes two discs, the first dedicated to the music of Weather Report but in more of a straight-ahead swing style and the second containing Gibbs originals. Rather than showing up in the studio and relying on pure spontaneity for cohesion, Thrasher People actually practiced as a band for four months prior to entering the studio! The practice paid off. Disc 1: a little slow getting started but fully up to speed on “Sightseeing”, “Birdland” and “Elegant People”. Forget about that legendary Fusion groove, this is truly a new take on Weather Report’s music. Disc 2: These sixteen songs were composed by Gibbs from 1981-2016 and capture many snippets of Gerry’s life during the period. Some tunes are frolicking and some are peaceful; all are palatable.”
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