John Stein – Just Jazz Guitar Review

Review by Brandon Bernstein, Just Jazz Guitar Magazine,

John Stein
Whaling City Sound

Just Jazz Guitar contributor and Berklee College of Music professor John Stein’s newest release CD Emotion is one of the most intriguing and unique jazz guitar albums I have heard in a long time. The album is a collaboration with the Mingotan Project, featuring Matias Mingote German on drums, Rebecca Kleinmann on flutes, Evan Harlan on accordion, and John Lockwood on bass. Although a true jazz album at its core, the recording is a fusion of traditional jazz with the Afro-Argentinian tango styles…hence, the title name Emotion. (Tango being one of the most highly emotional and sensual dances). Those of us who are familiar with John’s playing know him to have exquisite tone, great time, tasteful lines, and to be a superb composer. Like a fine wine, John just keeps getting better and better with age. Throughout Emotion John displays great sound, feel, and thoughtfulness as a player and as a composer. As a fellow musician and guitarist it is so inspiring to hear the continued growth of a great musician. Everything I have heard of John’s has always been incredible and with each successive recording you constantly hear the evolution of a great jazz guitarist. The melodies and vibe throughout the album bring to mind Miles “Sketches of Spain,” and/or the music of Astor Piazzolla. This all mixed with a very skilled jazz guitarist in John. Emotion is beautiful album that will not disappoint any fan of great jazz.

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