Creative Underdogs

Creative Underdogs

Creative Underdogs                      


The team’s twitter- @nellsmatic, @Jarett__m


Instagram- @Jonellove_

Instagram- @jarettttt


Creative Underdogs represents the people that keep creating, whether its art, music, clothes, whichever your passion is. We strive to inspire and unite those around us. Creative Underdogs was founded by Jonel Love,  who is a college undergrad with a business degree. Co-founder Jarett, has a degree in media communications and has interned for mixed media promotions.

We want to be able to make a positive influence in our community. Being your authentic self is extremely important as it will help you achieve major goals. Our job is to be positive and stay grounded so that we could possibly attract other young people to work with us as a team/ family. The team has a dream to make Creative Underdogs turn their vision into a reality, and that is what makes us underdogs.

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